Business Services

We have a complete menu of business services for the small and medium size business to take advantage of. What a great way to use trade dollars for expenses you normally pay with cash. We offer, printing, Signs, Computers, Computer Repairs, Automotive repairs and service, Auto Detail, Vinyl lettering, Accountants, Attorney’s and more. Find out how you can save on Business Services

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International Travel 

eBarter Bank is proud to be one of a few trade organizations with it's own travel desk. Our Travel Desk offers personalized service for all of your vacation needs. From Domestic to International, we have travel around the world. All you pay is room tax and cleaning on Condos. Find out more about traveling on Trade

Medical Services

eBarter Bank has one of the most comprehensive Medical Trade Groups in the country. Imagine offering Dental to your key employee and you pay using trade dollars and a small co pay. We offer Dental, Veterinary, Medical Doctors, Eye Surgons, Eye Examaims, Chriropractic, Accupunture, Holistic Doctors and more.


24 Hour Online Banking

    Hotel and Hospitality Division 


       Business Tax Experts 

We guarantee effective and comprehensive representation for your business trading needs. Our reputation and history of successful Trades worldwide speak for themselves. We pride ourselves in helping businesses save Big! using trade as an alternate currency, We will teach you how trading can benefit your business in today's economy.


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