General List of Services
Accounting , Acupuncture, Advertising  Art , Auto, Maintenance, Building Maintenance ,
Carpet Cleaning, Catering, Charities, Chiropractic, Collectibles, Computers & Service, Cosmetics, Credit Repair,  Counseling, Dental care, Dining, Doctors, Dry Cleaning, Eye Care, Florists, Hair Salons,
Holistic Medicine, Home Repair,  Hotels & Resorts,  Jewelry, I.D. Cards, Legal Services, Landscaping ,
Laminating, Legal Services,  Massage, Media, Meeting Space, Movers, Office Machines, Payroll Service,
Photographers, Printing,  Real Estate Services, Restaurants,  Signs-Banners , Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Spas & Retreats ,Tanning Salons, Time Shares,  Veterinarians, Weight Loss, Window Cleaning, Zoo’s and More
*Gift Certificates and Medical Services  have slightly higher transaction fees. eBarter is IRS compliant 1099B sent out  at each new year.

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eBarterBank covers the West Coast region of the US and is part the larger trade
organization with over 60,000 members worldwide and therefore has access to
thousands of products and services. eBarterBank has a large network of
doctors and medical practitioners on trade. Ask our trade directors
about our medical group network.
eBarterBank also has the most extensive travel accommodations available on Trade.
eBarterBank has its own travel desk to handle all your domestic and international travel.
It’s easy to take advantage of trade and save cash, just become a member to have full access to everything that is available on trade. To join call us now! How Does Trade Work? Just provide a product or service from your business when you have time or excess inventory. eBarterBank puts trade dollars into your personal online account, they are trade dollars that you can spend around the world at anytime in the future to get what you need, while saving cash. eBarterBank facilitates transactions and networks member. There is a small cash fee on each transaction. When you trade versus paying cash most members save from 50% to 80% on your purchases. We helped thousands of business owners save money.